Who we are

The Comisión Nacional de la Competencia (National Competition Commission or CNC) is the public agency in charge of preserving, guaranteeing and promoting effective competition in markets at the national level, and procuring consistent application of the Competition Act (Ley de Defensa de la Competencia or LDC) through exercise of the functions conferred by the Act, through coordination of the activities of industry regulators and the competent offices of the Autonomous Regions, as well as cooperation with the competent courts.

The CNC is a unique institution independent of the Government and it incorporates the former functions of the Tribunal for Defense of Competition.

The CNC exercises its functions at a nationwide scale and is related to all markets and sectors of the economy.

The Commission presents a pyramidal structure and is based on two separate departments, the Investigations Division and the Council, which independently perform their respective functions of case investigation and resolution under the supervision and coordination of the President of the Commission. Both bodies are supported by a number of common services.

The Competition Act gives the CNC responsibilities for pursuing investigations and resolving defence of competition proceedings.

The Act also confers the CNC arbitration functions, consultative powers and the task to promote competition in the markets.