CNC levies fines of nearly €120 million on Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange for abusing their position in the wholesale telephone short messaging markets

The CNC Council has ordered fines of €46,490,000 on Telefónica Móviles de España, €43,525,000 on Vodafone and €29,950,000 on Orange

In its resolution of 19 December 2012 the CNC Council, having seen the arguments put forth by the parties and the decisive report of the CMT, has declared that each of the accused operators committed an infringement consisting in the exploitative abuse of dominant position as described above.

Consequently, the CNC Council has levied a fine of €46,490,000 on TME, of €43,525,000 on VODAFONE and of €29,950,000 on ORANGE.

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